WEEKLY MESSAGE FROM HEAD OF SCHOOL 2021/03/01-2021/​03/​07

Dear Parents, Students, Colleagues,

At the end of this first week with our students back, and what good energy and enthusiasm they have brought to our campus, I have some excellent news for all.  I am so very pleased to tell you all that Dr. Régine de Blegiers will take over as Head of the High School at Keystone in July this year, after Dr. Diana Martelly leaves.  This is such good news for Keystone. We have conducted an extensive and patient search, starting last summer, to end with this exciting outcome.   We had a first round of interviews with candidates from within China here on campus shortly before the break for the western New Year.  After that, we carried on searching on a rolling basis, with our consultant agents RSAcademics interviewing about 10 new selected candidates in January.  Régine met a number of senior leaders in extensive virtual discussions in February and came through this process as our top choice.  I feel very fortunate that we have someone of Régine’s expertise and experience to take up the outstanding legacy of Diana Martelly.

Régine has been living in the Philippines for much of the past 25 years.    Her Doctor of Education degree is from the Philippine Women’s University.  She moved to Manila from France, her home country, and worked there initially in business (she has an MBA) and then moved into school teaching and leading in 2002.  Régine is currently the Director for Academics at the One World School in Manila.   She has previously worked at other schools in Manila, including the highly respected International School of Manila for 6 years where she was the Program Leader for Modern Languages.  Régine has held a range of leadership positions, including Acting Head of School.

I asked Régine to send me a few points about herself that she would like to share with our community.  This is what she gave me:

·      I believe that passion is the key to success; every child has a sparkle that needs to be ignited. As an educator and leader, it is my role to mentor each of them to foster their creativity to discover their interests, and encourage innovation and collaboration. 

·      Some of my best professional development has come from my peers. Being in classrooms and working alongside colleagues and students has enriched my own practice, and I believe that we can learn a lot from each other. I love seeing students become more confident and creative. When they are engaged and asking questions, they become more innovative, collaborative, and resilient. 

·      Building relationships grounded in mutual respect and open and honest dialogue is the bedrock of my leadership style. Through transparency, the exchange of ideas, and good communication, we establish strong collaboration, trust, and accountability.

·      As a multilingual, I value linguistic and cultural diversity: French is my mother tongue, I learned German as a child and English at school. After 25 years in Asia, I have learned to appreciate different cultural perspectives and respect linguistic diversity. 

·      I believe that building compassionate, respectful, and caring adults is important for students' success. Keystone’s five shared values clearly show the kind of adults we graduate in terms of their emotional intelligence, their sense of internationalism, and their commitment to service.

·      As a young student once at a boarding school, I personally understand the importance of a strong community to support learners. The partnership between school and parents is key for student success.

These few reflective comments make it clear that Régine will bring valuable talent and experience to Keystone.  For my part, I have had a number of long, detailed conversations and meetings with Régine and enjoyed each one immensely.  She is insightful, engaging, purposeful, thoughtful, and much else besides.  I am already anticipating the pleasure of welcoming Régine and her daughter Tara to Keystone in the late summer.  Please join with me now in welcoming them both from afar.


With warm regards, 

Malcolm McKenzie

Head of School