At Keystone Academy, learning is a life-long journey rooted in heritage, outward in perspective and framed by our five shared values.

Learning encompasses the discovery of new knowledge, skills and understanding, allowing for inquiry, creativity and connections in a local and global context.

This journey empowers our learners to develop character and fosters a joy of learning in experiences that occur both inside and outside the classroom.

Effective learning in Primary takes place when:

  • I am excited about my learning

  • I feel secure and supported in my learning journey

  • I have goals and feel challenged

  • I learn from my mistakes and I can take risks

  • I know how I am learning

  • I work with others to reach my goals

  • I take ownership of my learning

  • I make connections between learning, myself and the world

Effective learning in Secondary is:

  • Dynamic and challenging

  • Holistic and balanced

  • Inclusive and personalized

  • An individual pursuit as well as a collaborative process

  • Varied and contains different approaches

  • Focused on process, as much as outcomes

  • Experiential, where connections are made to real life

  • Committed to character and community