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The Primary School program fulfills the important learning goals of Keystone Academy by providing the social, emotional and intellectual building blocks that students need to flourish. The Keystone Academy model of integrated education develops students who show a passion for learning and are well prepared for secondary school. Each and every day of primary school is exciting; students are always confronting original ideas, meeting different kinds of challenges, cultivating new forms of knowledge, practicing different skills and learning in new ways.

Keystone Academy Primary School uses a bilingual immersion model. It introduces the value of learning in both Chinese and English, building a foundation of linguistic competency and cultural understanding. We employ a progressive model of language acquisition that is based on research and effective practice.

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    Primary School Curriculum

    Within the bilingual immersion model, an inquiry-based primary curriculum is used to orient integrated learning for the foundation year through grade 5. The strength of this program comes from the consistent and well-organized emphasis on student learning. It makes learning fun and engaging for students as they confront challenging academic objectives.

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    Language Arts

    Language Arts classes in English and Chinese are important pathways for communication, imagination, creativity and critical thinking. The goals for Language Arts in both English and Chinese courses are to develop and nourish a love for reading, give students the confidence they need to explore literature as life-long learners, and provide the tools students need to communicate effectively in speaking and writing.

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    Chinese Language Acquisition

    Keystone Primary’s Chinese Language Acquisition program provides ample opportunities for the students to experience the language and its culture in order to develop intercultural awareness and enrich their personal experience.

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    Visual and Performing Arts

    The Keystone Visual and Performing Arts Program introduces students to the joy of creative expression. It engages primary students, makes learning visible, and generates real passion for learning in dance, drama, music, and visual art

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    Innovation & Digital

    Innovation involves new ways of thinking, creativity, and approaches to problem solving. At Keystone, we encourage our students to be empowered learners who leverage technology and digital tools to enhance their learning experiences.

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    Keystone Academy Libraries cultivate a community of learners enriched by the joy of reading and the exploration of ideas. The Primary School Library is located on the ground floor of the Primary School Building. It is the heart of the school for academic pursuits, social interaction, guided study, and independent research. The library is a warm, friendly and inviting place to read, relax, and create.

    Under the careful guidance of the Chinese-speaking and English-speaking teacher librarians, the students enjoy reading, develop good reading habits, deepen their knowledge, develop independent learning skills, expand their imagination, gain inspiration through the collision of ideas, and improve their understanding of themselves and the world. Based on students’ ages, interests, reading levels, and subject needs, the library supports bilingual language immersion (Chinese and English) and stocks resources in both languages. Ongoing collaboration and communication between the Keystone community and the library staff ensure quality programming and exemplary services.

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    Keystone Academy uses a research-based, inquiry-driven, and skills-oriented Math curriculum, leading students to deep understanding of mathematical concepts.

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    Science education is naturally engaging to students in the primary years. It includes hands-on learning experiences that generate great enthusiasm for learning.

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    Physical Health and Education

    Physical Health and Education are essential components of the educational process for students at Keystone.