Members of the teaching staff at Keystone Academy Beijing will discover an extraordinary opportunity to join others in shaping a new educational paradigm.

Keystone Academy offers a most unusual educational environment, weaving together the best of three educational traditions: the Chinese, the American, and the international. A deep respect for education and a rigorous approach to learning are foundation stones of the rich Chinese practice; inquiry-based and discussion-centered pedagogy inform the American way; and critical thinking, creativity and global mindedness are fundamental parts of international education. Keystone will combine all of these elements, and is looking for culturally sensitive teachers who desire to make their classrooms places where students feel the trust and respect necessary to explore and take risks in their learning. We will afford you, as an educator, the same trust and respect that allow you to develop in your own practice in the classroom. At Keystone, we all take risks, individually and collectively. There is no other way to do school-keeping well.

Classrooms, offices and learning environments at Keystone are designed with students and teachers in mind. High ceilings, large windows, and intelligent layouts make for inviting spaces that facilitate student learning at every turn. Facilities are purpose-built for every grade level and discipline, from ceramics to physics to foundation year, and the educational environment is characterized by active learning in small classes. Our key goals are:

  • Linguistic proficiency in both English and Chinese

  • Content mastery in specific subject areas, and exploration of the connections among them

  • Confidence and capability in creative expression

  • Ability to successfully navigate the changing technological landscape

  • Skills development in inquiry, collaboration and active learning

  • Growth in mind, body, and virtue

  • Intercultural communication and global competency

To achieve these goals with our students, we hire teachers who are passionate about learning, rigorous in their standards, and inspirational in their methods. For Keystone to flourish, we seek those robustly endowed with both a good nature and a healthy sense of humor. We are creating a school where staff will come and want to stay on – not only because the facilities, students, colleagues, pay packet and working conditions are outstanding, but also because teachers themselves are valued and able to grow into new professional challenges. We seek teachers who will invest themselves in the ongoing process of creating a school together, and are respectful listeners, attentive caregivers, interrogative thinkers, compassionate mentors, and world-minded citizens. Keystone is a very satisfying place to work, in an endlessly fascinating city.